MORE change on the High Street as HMV goes into administration.

We recall the reader who told us: "I once went into HMV in Glasgow looking for an Elvis CD. Nothing in rock'n'pop, nothing in easy listening. Every genre was the same story. As I left bemoaning the fact that the biggest record store in Glasgow didn't have a single Elvis CD, I found them filed under P for Presley. Yours, Red Face, Linwood."

But as another responded yesterday: "I used to love browsing in HMV. It gave me great ideas for stuff to buy cheaper online when I got home."

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Borrowed time?

AND a Lanarkshire reader became maudlin after the HMV news as he perused his town's main street and remarked: "Cash for Gold, pawnbrokers, cheque cashing centres – I remember the good old days when you came to the shops to buy things."

Manhattan transfer

NEW York taxis continued. Roy Gullane tells us: "A few years back I had to take a cab to a venue in Manhattan. The driver wasn't sure where it was so I informed him it was on 'the south side of the island'.

"'Da island! Where da ya tink ya are? Da sout' seas or sumpin'?

"That wiz me telt."


CHANGING one letter in a TV show title:

Name That Tube: Scottish show encouraging viewers to identify petty thieves. (Gary Johnston).

The Timpsons: cartoon family who do shoe repairs and key cutting. (Glyn Bragg).

One Horn Every Minute: documentary about impatient taxi drivers outside the house. (Kevin Mullen).

Hawaii high-five?

TALES of selling tickets. Alan Couperwhite was trying to buy tickets for an American college football game in Hawaii when he was approached by a chap offering two good seats for only $9 each.

Says Alan: "I quickly handed him a $20 bill, but he had no change so I said he could keep it.

"The seats were great, and just before the game started I got a tap on my shoulder. Here was the ticket seller, 'Here's your change sir', he said handing me $2.

"My wife said I didn't even thank him, I just stood there with my mouth open."

That sinking feeling

LET'S hope Gordon Strachan is successful as the new Scotland manager. We remember when he took the Celtic job that not every fan at Parkhead could be said to be in agreement. The joke told at the time was: "What have the Titanic and Gordon Strachan got in common?"

The answer: "Neither should have left Southampton."