THE snow warning this week reminds us of the Edinburgh woman, a keen skier, who wanted to move to Switzerland.

When her husband asked her to list the reasons for moving there she told him: "Well their flag's a big plus."

No luck...

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BUSINESS news, and we learn that Trevor Moore, the chief executive of HMV which went into administration this week, was originally headhunted from Jessops, the camera store which also put the shutters up this week, as it were.

"Did he start off as safety officer on the Titanic?" a reader asks.

Film memories

AND now Blockbusters in administration. Although many readers had not been there for years –which explains its financial difficulties – one reminisced: "Do you remember hiring a film on a Friday night then getting up early on Saturday to watch it again before you had to return it?"

Any more nostalgic tales of our failing high street?

Piping up

THE fitba' writers are hoping for some great one-liners from new Scotland boss Gordon Strachan. We recall reader Jim Buchan attending the Aberdeen-Hearts cup final when Strachan had recently left Aberdeen. As the pipe bands were playing before the match, Jim's dad looked round the stand and saw Strachan sitting behind them.

"Do you no' wish you were out there this afternoon?" his dad asked Strachan.

"Naw. Ah cannae play the bagpipes pal," he replied.

Love, hate

A READER noted the different reactions when a young girl on his bus to Glasgow told pals that a fellow student at college "hates me for no reason." The girl with her said that wasn't the case.

But the young bloke with her said: "Well give her a reason then."

Horse trading

NATURALLY readers were snorting at the horsemeat found in supermarket burgers news story yesterday. One reader swore to us: "I saw a wee old man leaving Tesco at Silverburn with a bottle of Bacardi and a packet of burgers. 'Is that white rum and Red Rum?' I asked him.

And John Day in Houston claimed: "Apparently they are going to be rebranded as My Lidl Pony."

For starters?

SLIGHTLY more subtle was Michael Walton who told us: "I've just checked the burgers in our freezer-..and they're off!"

Letter drop

CHANGING one letter in TV programmes:

Sash in the Attic: about folk who no longer march in July. (Richard Davis).

Lust of the Summer Wine: a seasonal aphrodisiac. (Keith McClory).

QT: secretive panel show hosted by Stephen Fry. (Iain McLean).

Gorse: nature show about a jaggy bush. (Richard Gault).