Like your correspondent Miller Frondigoun (Letters, January 19), I had a rapidly deteriorating cataract and was referred to the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank.

At my appointment in December, I too was seen by a very polite and efficient nurse and then by a surgeon, who there and then agreed to the need for surgery and suggested I would probably have to wait up to 12 weeks.

At this appointment I was also given a booklet about cataracts, with comprehensive information for do's and don'ts after surgery. Included in this was advice to avoid lifting anything heavy for a minimum of four weeks. I was also asked to indicate any dates when I would not be available.

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As my cataract continued to get worse, I phoned the Golden Jubilee shortly after the new year to ask if there was a cancellation system whereby I might secure an earlier appointment. On January 8 I was phoned back and offered an appointment for the surgery on January 17.

I have now had my surgery. It was completely painless and has improved my sight dramatically. I have nothing but praise for all the staff concerned. While I am very sympathetic to Mr Frondigoun's situation, I can only suggest that he does as I did, and ask if he could be considered for a cancellation.

Rose Harvie,

Afton Cottage,

82 Bonhill Road,


West Dunbartonshire.