You should not be surprised at the success of a Glasgow gangster film ("The Wee Man is a big box-office hit", The Herald, January 23).

Although Alison Rowat's reviews are usually spot on, last week's critique – awarding The Wee Man one star – seemed based more on moral issues than cinematic ones.

Glorification of crime has unfortunately gone with the genre (or the turf) since Little Caesar.

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The Wee Man suffers from a clunky script. Rita Tushingham's Glesga/Morningside accent in the Ma McBarker role leaves a lot to be desired. But the film has a very strong cast and some fine performances, especially from Martin Compston, but also from Patrick Bergin, the incomparable John Hannah, Denis Lawson and Stephen McCole.

Evan Mawdsley,

23 Orleans Avenue,