IN his own inimitable style Alan Taylor raises an unsolved 1970s crime ("Is Lucan mystery cracked on Eigg?", The Herald, February 6).

In an era when the remains of Richard III can be positively identified by the miracle of scientific progress we are no further informed as to the fate of the brutal and cowardly lord.We do know that the Lucan family nanny was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sadly she was also working for the wrong people, evidenced by no financial support being offered the dependants. Not surprisingly the son of the murdered employee continues to personally investigate the unsolved case. Perhaps if roles had been reversed and the noble lord had been the victim, closure by way of arrest, conviction and sentence would have been concluded decades ago. For the record, the public should be informed as to any criminal injuries compensation awarded the victim's family in this cause celebre which does nothing to enhance the reputation of British justice.

Allan C Steele,

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