I AGREE with R J Arden (Letters, February 12) when it comes to incessant music everywhere you go these days.

In the dentist's waiting room, I was regaled yet again by the choice of someone else's music and I had had enough.

I glanced around the room, where there were three others, and asked each one in turn if they liked that music – not one did, so I got up and switched it off.

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The receptionist, in the other room but overhearing our discussion, came in, indicating that she had another disc but after inserting it I suggested that we did not want it, to which she replied: "Suit yourselves" or words to that effect. So we did and sat in a peaceful waiting room – sheer bliss .. if waiting in a dentists can ever be considered so.

Alan McKinney,

10 Beauchamp Road, Edinburgh.