there could be a double boost to the Citizens Theatre's prospects and Bailie Liz Cameron's Gorbals regeneration agenda by opting for the Crossrail link through the area ("Curtain rises on radical revamp of the Citizens", The Herald, February 16).

Having a Gorbals (Crossrail) station on its doorstep would deliver an improvement in accessibility, benefiting the Citizens with a direct rail connection to SPT routes, extending east to Edinburgh and west to Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Inverclyde. Crossrail's improved accessibility would also improve the commercial fortunes of the Citizens (the south-of-the-Clyde location is often perceived as being peripheral from more easily reached city centre areas of activity north of the river).

The prospect of achieving the Crossrail link has been improved by Network Rail's intention to electrify this 1.8 mile freight-only line sometime during 2014-2019, for more efficient haulage of empty electric trains to its Shields Road maintenance depot. Glasgow City Council has also given a 2012 manifesto election pledge to continue lobbying Transport Scotland to deliver on this low-cost Crossrail modernisation project.

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Increasing cross-party support for Crossrail comes from local community groups, local authorities, MSPs and MPs extending well beyond Glasgow. Scottish Government ministers readily concede the logic and practicality of achieving Crossrail, now more accurately recognised as completing Scotland's missing link between its two separate and unconnected passenger networks.

Strong campaigning support from the Citizens Theatre management would assist such endeavours, aimed at persuading Transport Scotland to get this planned Crossrail link back on track.

Ken Sutherland,

12A Dirleton Gate, Bearsden.