THE good weather last weekend meant our B-class road (the B8033) was visited by numerous sports cyclists, often travelling two abreast in close formations one bicycle length apart (sometimes less), often with 20 or more in the group.

While the highway code is not explicit on when and where such behaviour is allowable, it does state that cyclists should revert to single file around blind bends and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Motorists cannot adopt a holier-than-thou attitude on this as they often bunch up much closer than the recommended two-second gap in heavy traffic.

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The individual cyclists in the groups and those other road users they meet coming the other way are all pressurised by the group momentum.

Nobody is happy with the confrontations this can produce.

Cycle clubs are unlikely to change the practice, and certainly not for an old peasant such as yours truly.

Things could be done to improve safety. Car brake lights have been with us so long that we (most of us) don't realise what a good safety feature they are.

Fitting brake lights, and perhaps direction indicators, would make it easier for following cyclists to react to changes in the way those in front are riding more quickly and reliably.

No sensible road user wishes to see others injured, and is usually gratified by signs of goodwill and tolerance in others, so I for one would welcome signs that these sports persons are doing something to diminish their effect on others.

Sandy Henderson,

Faulds Farm,