The announcement that Forth Road Bridge corrosion has slowed down and its life has been extended comes as no surprise to many experts ("Latest Forth Road Bridge tests dispel fears of closure to lorries", The Herald, February 21).

This won't, of course, alter the view of the SNP Government because it represents to it a fully justifiable dramatic development for the Edinburgh area. Politicians have to take difficult decisions sometimes based on probabilities to ensure the safety of communities. However, in this instance, it suited a purpose to go ahead even though there was a sensible alternative proposal. This was the construction of a causeway and a much less dramatic bridge to be built nearer Grangemouth, which would protect it from the rise in sea levels.

The Herald has reported an SNP Government member commenting on how the construction of this bridge would lead to increased business and employment. That may be so, but this would be at the expense of Glasgow and the west where it is really needed.

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Dr Ian McGregor,

Silcroft, Fearnan, Aberfeldy.