There's enough of it on the street already.

People speaking to themselves. I used to ask, in the manner of Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver: "Are you talking to me?" Call me old-fashioned, but I still can't used to people indulging in public telephonic communication when they are not in a phone box.

It will get worse when everyoney starts talking to their spectacles. Google is getting ready to market a device called Glass. It is a pair of specs that is really a small computer screen.

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Just say: "OK, Glass, take a photo" and a snap will be done of whatever you're looking at. Or a video made.

There's more. It will no longer be sufficient to inform all your friends via Facebook that you are in Starbucks having a coffee. You must share the experience live onscreen. Tell them: "Look, I'm having a blueberry muffin with my Americano."

You can google a map to find out where you are. In theory you can cheat in the pub quiz. Although saying to your specs "OK, Glass, what was the currency of Ecuador until the year 2000?" may give the game away.*

In theory you might say whilst out clubbing: "OK, Glass, take a video of that extremely fit blonde over there in the short skirt." This may be problematic in a society where a sore face can be had for looking the wrong way at some macho maniac's girlfriend. You might get glassed.

In theory, you can go to a party and use face recognition to check out fellow guests via their social network pages. This will save the bother of actually speaking to anyone.

Google Glass is being tested on Americans who are paying £1000 each for the privilege. There are teething problems over such issues as voice recognition but not least that the whole concept is creepy.

Google is plugging Glass as an essential bit of kit for the young. The promotional videos have people sky-diving, mountain-biking over roofs, and abseiling down buildings. Oldies may prefer to capture the winning shot down at the bowling club.

I'll be getting glassed. Hear me say: "OK, Glass, where have I left my Glass?" On your head, you old fool, will be the answer.

*To save you asking Google, that Ecuadorian currency used to be the sucre.