HUGH Walsh in Dalry, Ayrshire, was so concerned about stories of pet dogs being stolen in the area he decided to take a walking stick with him when out with his dog in case he needed a deterrent.

Says Hugh: "Along the way I called in at the local baker, tied the dog outside and left the stick against the wall. On leaving the shop I found the dog safe, but the stick had gone."

Best meal of the day

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YES the tourists are slowly trickling in to Glasgow again.

A reader was in a smart city centre cafe when he heard an American ordering a cup of tea.

"English breakfast?" asked the waiter.

"No, just the tea," replied the visitor.

Out of tune

CONGRATULATIONS of course to Partick Thistle, often the butt of humour in Glasgow, but now promoted to the SPL.

We recall that even Bertie Auld, when he was Thistle manager, couldn't stop himself from announcing at the time that Thistle had a great chance of winning a major European competition that season.

He then added: "We've still to write the song though."

Blood line

AND now of course the Thistle fans are emerging from the woodwork, claiming to support the Jags despite few trips to Maryhill.

As comedy writer Greg Hemphill astutely stated yesterday: "Love the Jags. They're in my blood. Nobody has pretended to support them longer than me."

Any other favourite Thistle stories?

Unusual connection

OUR questioning of the Scottish education system reminds Kirsty Buchanan of visiting a Glasgow city centre store and being asked to spell her surname.

Says Kirsty: "I had to have a quick look around me to make sure I really was in a shop in Buchanan Galleries in Buchanan Street."

Dressing up

IT was the London Marathon yesterday and one runner, Adam Kay, used technology to sends tweets as he ran around the course.

We pass on his observation: "Fewer Margaret Thatcher costumes than I'd have thought."

Big spender

IT was 30 years ago yesterday that the pound coin was introduced in Britain.

We remember the tale of the Aberdonian chemistry teacher who took a pound coin out of his pocket, poured sulphuric acid over it, and asked if it would dissolve.

"No," said one of the class. "Good," said the teacher, "And why not?"

"If it did, you'd have used a penny," said the pupil.

New view

A READER swears he heard a large lady in Glasgow tell her pal: "I joined a slimming club last week so I'm still finding my feet."