THE Church of Scotland's Stonelaw building in Rutherglen, Glasgow, is a relative stripling in ecclesiastical terms, but it was built on solid foundations - and its founding fathers showed both good taste and sound judgment when they decided to bury a time capsule within its walls for future generations to discover.

Among the items earmarked for posterity just over 100 years ago was a copy of this newspaper.

The newly uncovered front page of The Glasgow Herald, as the paper was then titled, proclaims that the publication was in its 130th year, of which the selected issue was number 78. We report the story of its unearthing in the 302nd issue of our 231st year.

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The issue of March 30, 1912 - two weeks before the Titanic sank - was reporting on stories from March 29.

That was the day Captain Robert Scott and his companions are presumed to have died while making the returning journey from the South Pole.

For more than two centuries we have been recording both momentous events and the everyday occurrences that shape people's lives.

We are proud to be carrying on that tradition in the 21st century.