When Gregor Lawson and brothers Fraser and Ali Smeaton launched their superhero costumes business from their flat in Edinburgh, it promptly became a success.

Five years on, the entrepreneurs have reached a deal with Marvel Comics for a new range of costumes that include built-in special effects.

The effects, which are linked to a mobile phone, are displayed on a chestplate and are inspired by the wearer's movements. If you are Spider-Man, for instance, the device will show you shooting a web.

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Not only are the costumes good fun for party-goers and geeks, they are the latest example of Scotland's ongoing connection with the comic book success story. Anyone who loves comics will know of Scots such as Grant Morrison, who writes for Batman, Mark Millar, who created Kick Ass, and John Wagner of Judge Dredd fame. They, and others, have demonstrated Scotland has a considerable contribution to make to the comic-book universe.

And if you doubt it, remember this: where did Spider-Man take his wife on honeymoon? Scotland. And what has Batman been known to wear every now and again? The batkilt, of course.