Billy Connolly has still got it.

Reports from Los Angeles, which he played on Saturday during his The Man Live US Tour, are good, very good. Fellow Scottish actor Martin Compston, who was in the audience, tweeted that people were "rolling in the aisles". That's oor Billy.

How brilliant it is to see the Big Yin apparently doing so well. His sustained success at 71 is impressive enough, but, as all his fans now know, he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, making his ability to spend hours on stage regaling fans with jokes all the more striking.

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The disease was first spotted by a fan, an Australian doctor, who noticed the comedian's unusual gait when he walked across a hotel lobby.

Discussing it last month, Connolly joked about memory loss, a symptom of Parkinson's, saying he has always suffered from it during stand-up routines. If so, however, there appeared to be little sign of it on Saturday.

His business-as-usual approach will hopefully be cheering to others who have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's and is also an education to the wider public. Connolly is living life with Parkinson's - to the full.