The stigma around asking for a doggy bag in restaurants has existed for a long time in Scotland.

The precise origin of the phrase is hard to find, but one theory is that it was inspired by the fact diners would often pretend the leftovers were for their dog, not them.

But now is the time for the stigma to be banished for good. Family budgets remain under pressure, which is one of the reasons supermarket sales are falling and shoppers are switching to bargain brands such as Lidl.

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This pressure on budgets means few people can afford to waste food, at home or when eating out. There are also good environmental reasons for reducing waste in restaurants, which throw out around 53,000 tonnes of food every year in Scotland.

A pilot scheme in Glasgow, Irvine and Edinburgh called Good to Go could reduce this waste and remove the stigma by reminding diners they can take their leftovers home and providing branded boxes to do so.

The results will be monitored so if you see the Good to Go sign over the next few weeks, make sure you take a doggy bag home.

You will be making the most of the food you have paid for but also making a contribution to a better environment.