GEOGRAPHY has been kind to Scotland, given that our place on the globe affords us a temperate climate.

However, for the organisers of the Commonwealth Games 2014, the position of 55 degrees north presents a special challenge.

The first week of the Games coincides with Ramadan, the holy month where adherents of Islam are expected to fast from sunrise until sunset. In mid July, when the athletes arrive, daylight in Scotland will last from 5am until 10pm - the longest period of fasting many Muslims from much further south will have experienced. The last time Ramadan occurred in July was during the London Olympics in 2012, where daylight was one hour shorter than here.

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It is a challenge the Games chefs and caterers are meeting with, as it were, relish. They are working around the clock to ensure practising Muslims attending the event will be able to eat as permitted during the early hours.

This is just one of the many cultural, religious and sporting dietary varieties the team has to handle. The fact that staff are confident of providing service with a smile affirms the contention that Scotland is a progressive, inclusive and vibrant food nation.