I AM appalled that Dundee FC manager Paul Hartley has escaped a driving ban, despite totting up 12 penalty points ("Hartley escapes driving ban after speeding offence", The Herald, June 13).

The reasons given by him for the need to hold on to his licence - his children, his elderly mother and his work - are, to me, reasons as to exactly why he should be complying with the speed limits.

I don't know where his children live, but on the assumption that it is likely to be in an area where a 30mph limit applies, I wonder how he would feel if someone drove down their street at a speed nearly twice the limit?

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I am quite sure there are perfectly capable football managers who would be able to replace Mr Hartley at managing Dundee.

I doubt that anyone else would be able to take on his roles of father, husband and son during a period of incarceration.

Anne McDonald,

6 Breadalbane Place,