So I was half-listening to the breakfast TV chatter the other day when I found myself frothing at the mouth.

OK, so my cappuccino probably had more to do with the white foam than my mounting rage, but still.

The story which caught my attention was about a cafe that had banned buggies.

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Now, forgive me for coming late to the debate but, as all my social activities are now done in the company of Munchkin, I find myself with an opinion.

I don't know the cafe in question but, since being in possession of a buggy, I have experienced a lot of uncalled for aggro on (rare) jaunts into city eateries.

Recently, I had arranged to meet a pal for lunch. So excited was I at the prospect of meeting someone outwith a soft play environment that Munchkin and I arrived in good time at the allocated venue; a city centre café with an outdoor terrace.

Having settled ourselves at an outdoor table, me on a seat, he in his buggy, which was slotted so far underneath the table that it took up less room than an occupied chair.

Within seconds a waitress appeared by my side and informed me, not of the specials, but that I had better move the offending buggy as I was causing an obstruction to her and other customers.

Mortified, I dutifully pushed Munchkin so far under the table that only his eyes were visible before my brain kicked in and I marched out.

After a quick call to my lunch date, we arranged an alternative rendezvous at a place which we often frequented back in the days when I had a social life.

Again, keen to soak up the sun we took a seat outside.

After 20 minutes, a waitress appeared. Excellent, we thought, better late than never.

"I'm afraid you are going to have to leave" said she, prompting my jaw to drop. "We don't have a licence for children."

By now, Munchkin was over it and had fallen asleep. "But he won't be eating any food," I said. "He is breast fed." To no avail. We were escorted off the premises.

So, next time, you are tempted to tut at a buggy, please remember that the frazzled mum behind it has been up since dawn trying to find something to wear that isn't food splattered, has risked a hernia hauling said buggy on and off public transport and would really appreciate a smile.