THE Conservative MP for Tewkesbury, Laurence Robertson, has displayed a shocking grasp of tactics with his early day motion in Parliament calling for the setting up of a UK football team.

The mere thought of it is enough to make the Tartan Army as sick as parrots.

Mr Robertson says England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland fielding separate teams limits the chances of international football success for the Union, and denies "outstanding British players" a chance to play in the World Cup.

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His campaign is, of course, doomed to failure. The Scottish Football Association has long fiercely opposed any proposals that might lead to the demise of the national team, and as recently as 2012 refused to allow its players to join a Great Britain team at the London Olympics.

It could be argued that our footballers in fact have a greater chance of appearing in the World Cup final stages under the Scottish banner than in taking their chances of being picked for a squad that would inevitably be overwhelmingly English.

Besides, having a greater numerical pool to pick from is no guarantee of World Cup glory. Just ask Brazil.