THE PROUD mother of police woman Nina Mackay has welcomed the tribute made to her daughter by her former school.

Patricia Mackay, 52, of Anysley Gardens, Harlow, said the Nina Mackay Memorial Trophy, introduced by the Davenant Foundation School, in Loughton, was a "fitting tribute" to her daughter and their former pupil.

The trophy will be awarded annually to a student who has devoted their time to serving the community, and will pay tribute to Nina who worked on care in the community projects before joining the Metropolitan Police.

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Mrs Mackay said: "I think this award is very appropriate because it commends students who have excelled in care in the community schemes.

"Nina herself worked as a care assistant at the Treetops nursing home in Epping and she used to spend many afternoons visiting a man in a wheelchair."

Mrs Mackay added: "She loved Davenant. She was very happy at school and she made a lot of good friends.

"This was a very warm gesture by the school and it's by word of mouth and memorials such as these that Nina will always be remembered."

Nina, of Goldings Road, Loughton, completed her studies at the Chester Road school after finishing her A Levels in 1990.

She had always wanted to become a police officer and fulfilled her ambition, but was stabbed to death while trying to arrest a man in Stratford, east London, last November.

The trophy was presented to student David Clark, by Nina's father and former Barkingside chief superintendent Sid Mackay.

David, 18, from Upshire, who received the award for organising parties for local elderly folk, said he was extremely honoured to receive an accolade associated with Nina.

He said: "I really enjoy this work because it gives me great pleasure to see the smiles on their faces. I was shocked and honoured to receive this community award, especially as it is in memory of Nina."

Speaking at the presentation at the school, Mr Mackay said: "Nina really enjoyed herself here. She always spoke very highly of the people at the school and had some happy memories here."

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