ELGIN CITY have been fined £25,000 by the Scottish Football League – £5000 of which will go to a charity of Rangers' choice – and ordered to pay all costs incurred by the Ibrox club in the lead-up to their postponed Irn-Bru third division match on Sunday.

The match was cancelled by police on safety grounds after it emerged the club had oversold their Borough Briggs ground by approximately 1000 tickets.

Meanwhile, Charles Green, the Rangers chief executive, has re-iterated that the Ibrox club will not be rejoining the SPL while the threat of titles won by the oldco continues to hang over the club's head.

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The independent commission into the club's use of Employee Benefit Trusts under Lord Nimmo-Smith will now sit at the end of January, and Green cannot see the club agreeing to the SPL's restructuring plan of two leagues of 12, splitting into three mini-leagues of eight, until that matter is resolved.

SPL chairmen will meet on Monday to discuss the issue, while the SFL have a counter-proposal for a 16-10-16 structure, but Green said he didn't know enough about either plan yet. "I have said before that I wouldn't return to the SPL in its current form and I stand by that – it just wouldn't happen," Green told Rangers TV.

"The one big issue that has now been deferred to the 29th of January is the issue of title-stripping. I have said consistently since May that it achieves nothing and is nothing to do with my newco and therefore I won't engage with it. While it is out there as a threat it makes it very difficult to engage with the SPL about how we might take things forward."