A justifiable air of quiet confidence emanated from the Scotland camp at the World Outdoor Championships in Adelaide as they chalked up 10 wins among them.

It left the men's pair and triple second and third in their groups respectively, the women's four in top spot and Claire Johnston fourth in the singles after seven rounds of ties.

Paul Foster and Alex Marshall had wins over Namibia, Brazil and China to trail the pool leaders Australia by a margin of 26 shots. Graeme Archer skipped David Peacock and Darren Burnett to wins over Hong Kong China and Wales in the triples before a single-shot loss to Spain left them one point behind South Africa and Japan and equal on points with South Africa.

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Margaret Letham's rink of Michelle Cooper, Lyn Stein and Caroline Brown chalked up three further wins in the fours to claim the lead by 29 shots over New Zealand, with Philippines and Malaysia two points behind.

Johnston lost 21-18 to unbeaten Brunei after an 29-end marathon but dug deep to take the points against Fiji and Cyprus and move up to fourth on six points. Section leaders England and Brunei top the group unbeaten with Ireland and Scotland two points behind in third and fours places, and separated by just two shots.

n Defending champions West Lothian and Scottish Cup winners Blantyre are still the favourites for final places in the Jack High Insurance National League going into today's seventh round.