Andre Agassi, the former world No.1, believes Andy Murray is ready to dominate men's tennis over the next 12 months, calling this "Murray's year to really break through".

Seven months ago, Agassi was one of many former players and pundits who believed Murray was a victim of his time and that in any other era he would have won "multiple grand slam titles".

Three months later Murray won gold at the London Olympics, after losing July's Wimbledon final to Roger Federer in four sets, then broke his grand-slam duck at September's US Open.

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Now, the consensus seems to be that Murray should kick on, that his confidence will lead to more grand slam success, and Agassi is a believer.

"The way he got across the line in New York will have a huge impact on him moving forward because he had to step up and take it,'' Agassi said.

"He couldn't just wait and watch somebody implode. He had to step up in that fifth set and step up to the biggest situation against the biggest player on the biggest stage and take it, and he did. If his evolution is anything like mine, that was the real light switch moment for me.

"I realised that I can't hope for somebody to lose. I have to want this enough to go after it.

"I think once that clicks for him, you'll see him playing to their standard throughout the year and for a few years to come.''

As a child, Murray idolised Agassi and the American has long admired the Scot's ability to unsettle opponents and

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