If Craig Whyte had dared to have been anywhere near Govan on February 14, we would probably now be raking over the debris of another St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Seemingly ensconced in a safe house on another planet, the man who dragged Rangers into administration a year ago on Thursday continues to torment from afar.

In an interview this week, the reviled Whyte spoke in defiant tones, stating that he was not some "crook" or "wide boy" and flatly denied being involved in any criminal wrongdoing during a tumultuous spell in which the Ibrox club was brought crashing to its knees.

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During 12 months of frenzied tossing and turning for those involved with Rangers, Whyte insists he has slept peacefully at night with a clear conscience.

Ally McCoist was left to pick up the pieces and plough on, and the Rangers manager will continue to feel the after-effects of Whyte's ravaging regime for as long as he is in charge.

Like many, McCoist is still seeking answers to the multitude of questions that remain floating around.

"I'm not sure you could specifically narrow it down to one question," McCoist said ahead of Rangers' Irn-Bru Third Division match against Clyde at Broadwood today. "There are probably a few questions you would like to ask. What was the long- term aim for the football club when he bought it? What was the motivation? What was he thinking?

"But I'm not holding my breath for it. I have bigger issues in dealing with what happened than asking why it happened. In the fullness of time it will come out and there are people in the right places asking those questions.

"I'm sure it will all come out in the wash. There was a journalist banned from here for having the audacity to say that the Ticketus money was used to buy Rangers when indeed it was.

"I find all that a bit bizarre and certainly not right. And that's just one incident. There are a lot of other incidents so, believe me, I don't sit and ponder it, go over it, dissect it. It would make me angry and disappointed."

"It was an interesting quote [from Whyte] that he was looking forward to his day in court. That is, of course, something, that he's not unaccustomed to.

"If and when that happens then we will all look forward to the questions that will be asked and the results that come out. He [Whyte] is very, very fortunate if he's been sleeping easily because that is not a pleasure the vast majority of people at this club have enjoyed over the last year.

McCoist confirmed that Rangers have held talks with Cammy Bell's agent, but admitted they may struggle to compete with other clubs for the signatures of players such as the Kilmarnock goalkeeper. Kenny Shiels revealed yesterday that Bell, who is out of contract at the end of the season, is also the subject of interest from a number of English clubs, including Ipswich Town.

McCoist, who cannot register new players until after September 1 due to a transfer embargo, said: "I haven't spoken to Cammy myself but I believe there have been discussions with Cammy's agent. How far down the line they are remains to be seen.

"We are certainly in a far weaker position than we've ever been in terms of bringing players to the club. I've had players telling me they would love to come in normal circumstances but declined the offer due to where we are."