Stephen Simmons, the Edinburgh cruiserweight, has threatened to ruin his loudmouth rival Wadi Camacho's career as punishment for the Londoner's continual online abuse.

Simmons, a former Commonwealth Games medallist, was reacting to Camacho's latest taunts ahead of their World Boxing Council International Silver title showdown on the undercard of Ricky Burns' world title eliminator against the unbeaten Montenegrin Dejan Zlaticanin on June 27.

Camacho claims that the champion has "lost his marbles" after the pair clashed at a press conference in January, when Simmons vowed to send his rival home in a coma after also inviting the challenger to a "square go" in a nearby car park.

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Simmons insists Camacho's latest taunt is disrespectful and will rebound on him a week tomorrow at Braehead Arena.

"The banter on Twitter started out okay, but then it became disrespectful and personal when Camacho brought my wife into it," he said. "His mates started superimposing my wife's face on pictures which were crude and shocking, but I'll deal with it my way come fight night. If his friends or fans want to talk rubbish, that's fine, but when it starts getting personal, it just isn't on. It's me he's fighting. It has nothing to do with any family member. They should be left out of it. He is going to pay for it, believe me."

Simmons and Camacho were amateur team-mates at one stage but the Scot claims his rival lacked the ability to secure a place in the Great Britain squad. "He came to America for a couple of trial camps when I was team captain but, when they upped the quality of his opponents, he wasn't good enough and got knocked out," said Simmons. "I got on well with him at the time but he didn't talk as much crap as he does nowadays. I have also upped my game while he has lost: first for the English title and then in a British title eliminator. This will be his third step up and the third time he has failed, and once I am done with him, he will have nowhere to go.

"Once Camacho is in the ring and he looks me in the eyes, he is going to realise he is in a world of trouble. I think I'll stop him in the mid rounds."