There is no doubt that Rangers have now garnered a potent attacking force in Kenny Miller and Kris Boyd.

The heavy artillery is being manoeuvred into place ahead of an intriguing new season in the SPFL Championship, but the big question is whether the Rangers midfield can supply enough ammunition to this potentially devastating double act.

In Boyd and Miller, they have enough weaponry up front to blow the division away. It's a lethal combination and they'll score a barrowload of goals.

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But for me there is still a lingering doubt over the creativity in that midfield area. They need to provide the service and if they do, Rangers can romp it.

Don't get me wrong, the likes of Nicky Law, Dean Shiels and Ian Black are all highly competent campaigners, but I would have to say that they didn't hit the heights a lot of Rangers fans expected them to last season.

I know all about the rigours of Championship in my role at Queen of the South and if those type of players don't up the ante and perform at this level then they will toil in the bigger games. This will be the season where we really gauge how far Rangers have come and how far they still have to go. This is the nitty gritty.

They will beat most teams in the league, but they may struggle against, for example, Hibernian or Hearts if they don't bolster that midfield. An effective supply line could be the difference between them going up automatically or finding themselves in a play-off.

And, believe you me, you don't want to go through the play-off. I was involved at close quarters with Queens at the end of the season and it is horrific. One of these big teams will miss out and the prospect of taking two years to get back into the top flight is not a thought they will be eager to entertain.

Enticing Boyd back to Ibrox was a very shrewd piece of business. It's the perfect move for him. Of course going back to a club can be a gamble.

"If there is a wee bad patch, you can guarantee that the old chestnut 'he's not the player he was' will be tossed around with abandon. But I believe Boyd and Miller will flourish.

There were teams in for Boyd that are in far better place than Rangers, but they are a club on the way back to where they want to be and the lure of Ibrox remains strong.

The big thing for Kris is that it is a comfortable place to for him at this stage of his career. He's been here, there and everywhere over the past few years; down south, America and Turkey.

It doesn't get much better than playing for a huge club such as Rangers on your own doorstep.

Kris is a more mature player now and a much more polished professional all round. Early in his career, he was probably too lazy.

He'll look back on those years and say to himself, 'I could have worked harder,' but he's revamped his game and has now adopted a far more intelligent, considered approach.

This is an unbelievable opportunity for him rather than a last-chance saloon. It's a club that is close to his heart and he will handle the pressure very well. That may have fazed him before, but not now. It is the perfect move.

How many more chances will Luis Suarez get? His punishment for biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup has been met with mixed responses.

Some have said it's too harsh, others have said it is not nearly enough. Whichever camp you are in, there is no doubt Suarez is a lucky man.

The first time was shameful, but to do it three times almost beggars belief. I watched it and was genuinely shocked. I thought he had cleaned up his act, but this mechanism that seems to go off inside him that remains mystifying.

I can't remember anyone biting another player in football. Suarez is a supremely talented player and it is shame that his incredible footballing attributes have again been overshadowed by these damaging and bewildering urges.

Another incident like this and Luis Suarez is finished.