Angel and Tony (15)


Dir: Alix Delaporte

With: Clotilde Hesme, Gregory Gadebois

Running time: 84 minutes

ALIX Delaporte's drama offers romance with many a twist as troubled Angel (Clotilde Hesme) arrives in a small fishing village in France keen to reconnect with her young son. While trying to get to know him again, she begins to date Tony (Gregory Gadebois) a good natured, less complicated soul.

Though a slow-burn affair, with Angel's story taking too long to reveal itself, Hesme and Gadebois turn in memorable, and in Hesme's case very moving, performances.

Glasgow Film Theatre, June 12-14; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, July 31-August 2.


The Pact (15)


Dir: Nicholas McCarthy

With: Caity Lotz, Agnes Bruckner

Running time: 88 minutes

TWO sisters head back to their unhappy childhood home for their mother's funeral in movie more terrifying for how long it takes to get going than any of the chills on offer. Caity Lotz, below, stars as Annie, the daughter who resolves to clear up the mysteries of the past, which she does at her own sweet, slow pace.

Cue lots of flickering lightbulbs and Annie running around in a vest and short shorts (what is it about the presence of the supernatural that makes women want to lose most of their clothes?).

Some goosebumps-inducing moments, though.

Ill Manors (18)


With: Riz Ahmed, Natalie Press

Running time: 121 minutes

BEN Drew, aka the rapper Plan B, makes his directorial debut with this predictably gritty drama set on London's mean streets.

While those familiar with Mr B's work would hardly go in expecting a paean to warm woollen mittens and whiskers on kittens, the amount of swearing, violence, and the grotesque depiction of one female character in particular, still takes the breath away.

It's as if someone has set the sat nav to Parody Street and gone several miles beyond. Depressing.


LOL (12A)


Dir: Liza Azuelos

With: Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore

Running time: 96 minutes

NO, not the tale of a prime minister and his text message misunderstandings, but a so-so teen drama keen to push some boundaries. Mum (Demi Moore) is having a difficult time post divorce, while daughter Lola (Miley Cyrus) is finding first love tough going. Most of the time LOL is daft, teen soap stuff. Then there are odd, very odd, moments when it seques into some fairly risque territory.

Cyrus still hasn't got the hang of the less is more style of acting, but Moore, as in the recent Margin Call, shows she's a decent actor when given grown up things to do.