Lewisman Iain Morrison's path to musical maturity has been a meandering one, from indie band Crash My Model Car, via a commission for Glasgow's Celtic Connections, to his own particular style of Transatlantic sessions.

This disc combines recordings made in Vermont with producer Michael Chorley, whose previous associations include Ani Difranco and Anais Mitchell, with those made in various studios in Scotland, and it is a measure of his stylistic development that it is not always obvious which are which. Some of the best songs, including Homeward and Dear Goose, introduce full choral backing to his distinctive voice, and are packed with inspired production touches.

The latter is also one the disc's most wistful love songs, like My Calm full of tender appeal and quiet desperation. The soundworld of Anais Mitchell is certainly detectable, but there are powerful individual ingredients, particularly Pete Harvey's cello and some very fine guitar playing on both electric and acoustic on the later songs in the set. If you are a fan of Neil Young especially, but a bit scunnered with his musical meandering, this may give you the fix that you are looking for.