EPs 1 and 2


Noise in its many forms is music to the ears of Gourock trio Galoshins: heavy prog, krautrock, metal, punk, math rock, avant-garde jazz ... The sound that comes out the other end has been described as "aggro-pop", and that might have to do for now, as my mental filing system can't come up with anything better for this time-travel collision between 1970s' Detroit guitars, 1960s' Los Angeles organ and 2010s' Inverclyde vocals. EP1 was recorded in July 2011 and subsequently self-released. EP2 took them back to the studio in April 2012 and now sees light of day, alongside its newly promoted predecessor, on Glasgow's bold Armellodie label. There are plans are to record another couple of EPs, but no album on the imminent horizon. However, the combined 11 tracks here sit together rather nicely as a unit. At the core, it's psychedelic garage punk that refuses to be bound by such petty things as traditional song structures, instead hammering individual tracks into shape through electrifying bursts of melody and madcap energy.

Alan Morrison