Jonathan Geddes's verdict: Four stars

If this week's announcement that the Arctic Monkeys will headline T In The Park next year is a safe choice, it's also a shrewd one.

The band have never lacked sing-a-long anthems, but their stage presence and showmanship were impressive here too.

They were helped, admittedly, by a fast start that offered many chances for the assembled crowd to lustily bounce around and throw a few pints to the heavens.

The swagger of Do I Wanna Know, the drum-powered rocket of Brianstorm and the Duane Eddy twang of Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair were suitably explosive, displaying some fine, noisy playing.

Yet it wasn't just the tunes. Alex Turner's accent may be a mystery, and we're certainly no longer in Sheffield with it, yet he's picked up a few transatlantic tips too, shimmying away like a 50s rocker and encouraging the crowd at others with various gestures.

His patter, which included a running gag of dedicating number after number to "the ladies", veered towards Las Vegas crooner, but there was a sly playfulness there.

Crucially, he gives the band a centrepiece that stops them getting lost on large stages, something they've struggled with in times past. Such vast venues can still cause difficulties, though, and the more languid Cornerstone and leisurely Reckless Serenade were presented with overly broad strokes.

Their funkier songs, from this year's AM album fared better, with One For The Road wanting to get into the groove more than merely punch the air.

Such a confident assimilation of styles is one reason why they've reached such popular heights, as is the catchy pop smarts present on the encore's richly satisfying Snap Out Of It.