Lisa-Marie Ferla's verdict: three stars

The meteoric rise of The Killers to their current status of one of the world's biggest bands has been as baffling as their discography's diminishing returns.

Still, 10 years after the release of the band's magnificent debut, Hot Fuss, its pop hits remain the perfect soundtrack to a summer evening in the park - even if the rest of the world would rather sing along to that ridiculous one about the humans and the dancers.

Frontman Brandon Flowers has packed a decade's worth of practice into giving the people what they want, and for the purposes of the Glasgow Summer Sessions that's a pink rhinestone suit jacket and a hysteria-inducing reference to Scotland in a song.

But a Tuesday night on the south side of Glasgow is no place for a party band - even one that will happily cover Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me" for the natives - and from the side of the stage it sounded as though somebody had stuffed cotton wool into the speakers to keep the neighbours happy.

Yet even though the result was that an impromptu jam session halfway through the set was lost on much of the crowd, in the battle between audio and vocals Flowers ultimately emerged victorious.

On "Miss Atomic Bomb" his voice pierced and soared like the on-stage laser light show, while a cover of "Bad Moon Rising" featured a full-on southern roots rocker twang. "Human" ultimately featured twice: first as a verse picked out on piano while the thousands-strong crowd crooned along as if they were in church before a full-on rocked out version.

It kept the audience happy, but give me the glam-rock swagger of "For Reasons Unknown" any day.