This weekend marks the anniversary of the death of Diana in Paris in 1997.

Here is a selection of 10 from the screeds of books written about her.

Diana: Her True Story

By Andrew Morton

The book, and writer, who helped more than any other to tarnish the House of Windsor's reputation, by merrily peddling Diana's earliest kiss and tell revelations. In this, the first of his books about his milch cow, he acts as ventriloquist's dummy.

Love and War

By James Hewitt

The man of whom Diana said, "Yes, I was in love with him." A former army officer, Hewitt gives a hunting and fishing version of the way in which his life and hers converged.

Diana: Her Life in Fashion

By Georgina Howell

To remember Diana without recalling the frocks and jewels is to think of Blackpool without the lightbulbs. As much a clothes horse as a horsewoman, she retains a Marilyn Monroe aura, coming back to life in these outfits as if she has only briefly stepped off camera.

A Royal Duty

By Paul Burrell

Amazing the way in which former servants of the crown continued to make money off the dead princess. Despite being charged with pilfering Diana's things, a case which was later dropped, Burrell remained unabashed in claiming he was Diana's "rock".

Diana, Princess of Wales: How Sexual Politics Shook the Monarchy

By Bea Campbell

By far the best of the bunch. Though it now feels dated - it was written at a time when republicanism seemed likely to topple the Firm, whose popularity had never been lower - it is a zippily written feminist analysis of the sexism that Diana encountered in the aristocracy. This, says Campbell, "delivered Diana to her doom". Good stuff on the tabloid press's role in her life as sexual harassers too.

Diana Inquest

By John Morgan

Conspiracy theories continue to flourish, in part fuelled by Morgan's account of the inquest into Diana's death, in which he claims to have discovered cover-ups and corruption.

Settling Down

By James Whitaker

Now painful to read, this is an early account of the shy nursery school assistant's meteoric marriage, and her initiation into the royal fold. Whitaker could not have known that the fairy story was about to turn into a cautionary tale.

Prince of Wales: A Biography

By Jonathan Dimbleby

For a glimpse of the other side of the coin, this respectful, comprehensive and not wholly sycophantic biography is a corrective to the schools of gush and gossip that surrounded the ill-fated princess.

Untold Story

By Monica Ali

There's a good reason this story is untold - it's pure fiction. Ali was the first to set foot in a parallel world, offering a novel in which Diana survives the car crash and reinvents herself under a different name in small town America. Some readers loved it. Not us.

Diana: Survivor

By Dean Dudley

Published this weekend, this debut e-novel tells the story of Diana surviving the car crash, and giving birth to Dodi Fayed's Muslim son. Some years later, in the wake of 9/11, her child is kidnapped. No more improbable than Diana's own life story.