Last time Paul Vickers (ex Dawn Of The Replicants) got together with Edinburgh anti-pop dadaists The Leg, they live-launched an album (Itchy Grumble) before they'd actually written any of its songs; even the resulting record sounds like an aural art installation.

The Greengrocer, on the other hand, is their most approachable - nay, tuneful - release to date. It's coming out on post-Fence label Alter Ego Trading Company, and contains a couple of links to head honcho King Creosote: its free-jazz-punk goes bluegrass moments aren't far away from KC's origins with the Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra, while cellist Pete Harvey is currently an ubiquitous stamp of quality on everything from the From Scotland With Love soundtrack to Withered Hand's band. Central, of course, is Vickers himself, verbal ideas flying from him like sparks from a Catherine Wheel, voice flipping from abrasive gargle to sneering panto-dame witch on a journey through the looking glass with Captain Beefheart and Mark E Smith for company. A wonderful, eccentric vision of the art of noise.

Alan Morrison