Actor Chris Pratt is to star in the fourth installment of Jurassic World which will be in cinemas from June 10.

The 35-year-old has notched up some high-profile TV and film roles over the last few years - starring as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation and lead roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Lego Movie.

Nominated the 'Class Clown' in his senior year at high school, Chris's sense of humour, on and off-screen, has won him a cult following online.

Here are 10 of his best lines.


1. Believe it or not, Chris was talking about his time living in a van on the beach in Maui after he dropped out of college.

"It's a pretty awesome place to be homeless. We just drank and smoked weed and worked minimal hours, just enough to cover gas, food, and fishing supplies."


2. Chris talking about the success of his juice cleanse.

"I was drinking Patron. But then Hornitos, bad call. I'm holding up well. I'm on a juice fast thing so the tequila juice fit right in! Haha! Actually doing surprisingly well, I must be a pro!"


3. Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation.

"Dude, that is the coolest sentence I have ever heard somebody talk."


4. Chris Pratt talks about his character in Guardians of the Galaxy during his Ask Me Anything session on Reddit.

"Quill and I are basically the same person. We were born in the same year. We loved the same movies. The same music. If I were kidnapped at 10, taken to space and based my ideology on the pop culture of 1979-1989 I would be Peter Quill."


5. He was asked whether he would fight one Lil Sebastian sized duck or 100 duck sized Lil Sebastians; he really thought outside the box with this one.

"Most definitely 100 duck sized LIl' Sebastians. Because I could kill most of them easily, but the remainder I would capture and breed as glamour pets. We could make literally hundreds of dollars."


6. Chris talks about having a beard.

"As an actor it's always easier to shave or cut your hair for a role, but it's hard to put fake hair on or grow hair for a role. When you look at pictures of me, the longer my hair is, the longer my facial hair is, that's just the longer I haven't gotten a job."


7. Chris talks about his physical comedy role in Parks and Rec.

"There's nothing funnier than a giant, grown man rollerblading."


8. Andy Dwyer should probably release a book of misguided inspirational quotes.

"Just remember, every time you look up at the moon, I, too, will be looking at the moon. Not the same moon, obviously. That's impossible."


9. He was asked what would happen if someone was bitten by a radioactive Chris Pratt on his Reddit AMA.

"You're probably gonna get fat and then skinny."


10. Chris gives us some groundbreaking sundae tips.

"You can pour melted ice cream on regular ice cream. It's like a sauce!"