Suzi Ruffell talks about her new show, Common. 

1 Tell us about your Fringe show

This is my third solo hour at the Fringe, this year's show is called ‘Common’ its about my working class roots, my brilliant but colourful family and a couple of big mistakes!

2 Best thing about the Fringe?

No one judges you for what time you have your first pint.

3 Worst thing about the Fringe?

See above. My poor liver.

4 How many years have you been coming to the Fringe?


5 Favourite Fringe venue?

Just The Tonic, The Mash House at 8:20 (Coincidentally this is when my show is on, what are the chances?!)

6 Best Fringe memory?

I had a side fringe once and I dont mind telling you it really worked for me.

7 Best heckle?

I like this joke. A guy had seen me before at the Edinburgh Stand and kept letting his girlfriend know which jokes he liked before I got to the end of them. It was like having a little cheerleader in the second row. He was Scottish. If that was you and you are reading this. Come again!

8 Craziest on stage experience?

During my 2013 run the fire alarm went off ten minutes before he end of the show on the first night so I took the audience outside and finished the show on some steps to someones front door. It was a fun way to start the Fringe, if a little stressful.

9 What’s on your rider?

Blue peanut M&M’s and unicorn hair.

10 How do you wind down after a show?

Meet up with my comedy mates, a brief debrief on our shows and then a gin!

11 What do you love about Scotland?

Scottish audiences are brilliant. I am lucky enough to come and play the Glasgow and Edinburgh Stand through out the year and the audiences are always comedy savvy and playful.

Suzi Ruffell: Common is on at Just the Tonic a the Mash House until August 28. For more info and tickets, visit: