The Killers came into the music industry at a time when indie rock ruled the airwaves. In the early noughties, the Las Vegas quartet dominated the scene with their British inspired sound, and more than a decade and half later that popularity has not faltered. 

While their contemporaries from the millennium era have faded away from the spotlight, the band proved why they have remained at the top as they performed to a sell-out crowd at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro on Monday night. 

Wearing a salmon coloured blazer,  frontman Brandon Flowers commanded the stage as he belted out new track Wonderful Wonderful, which didn’t resonate with the audience in the way the band had probably hoped. 

Flowers, however, made up for his lacklustre opening by diving into up tempo The Man. 

He oozed sex appeal as he strutted the stage showing off his cool dance moves. 

Somebody Told Me from the band’s debut Hot Fuss followed and sent the audience wild. 

In his quiet American drawl, Flowers said: “How the hell are you Glasgow? Nice to see you. 

“We need to see each other more often. It’s been a long time.

“I’m trying to get back here sooner than four or five years.” 

For Reason’s Unknown from The Killers’ second studio album Sam’s Town showed why Flowers is the ultimate frontman. 

With the prowess of his dominate vocals he drew the crowd in. He performed the song with so much passion, it forced us to really listen. 

And even with the absence of Killers’ originals, bassist Mark Stoermer and guitarist Dave Keuning, who are both taking time out, the band still seemed at full strength thanks to the influence of Flowers. 

The classic Human proved to be a highlight. It is a track that is suited to an arena setting and it clearly falls into the fans’ favourite category. 

But nothing could have prepared the audience for All These Things I’ve Done as Flowers took on the role of preacher and encouraged the Hydro crowd to chant, “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier.”

The Killers are the type of band who put on a memorable show. Flowers is the band’s life line and as long as his influence continues and he is not swayed by solo projects, they might just come up with some new anthems which will create even more memories for their fans.