WORKS by Scottish artists are featured in an auction of erotic art at Sotherby's in London.

Two works by Sir William Russell Flint, and two by Jack Vettriano, are in the Passion + Desire sale on February 15.

It is preceded by a public exhibition at the auction house's New Bond Street between February 7 and the date of the sale.

The auction also includes works by Picasso, Man Ray, Rankin and Gustav Klimt.

Comprising 90 lots, it has an estimate of £3.8 million.

Vettriano's Models in the Studio has a price of between £40,000 and £60,000.

Flint's Jasmin has an estimate of up to £70,000.

Constantine Frangos, head of sale, said: "The story of erotic art is a story from many different times and many different lands, and our second Erotic sale brings together a broad range of artworks and objects which lay bare the history of human sexuality in all its guises."

THE 12 recipients of the new Muriel Spark 100 Fund: Endless Different Ways Small Grants Fund have been announced by Creative Scotland, as part of the writer's centenary celebrations.

The fund is providing awards of up to £1,500 to individual writers, artists and groups looking to celebrate the work, contribution or legacy of Dame Muriel Spark, with £16,000 awarded overall.

The successful writers are Jessica Danz, Janice Galloway, Belle Jones and Beldina Odenyo, Raymond MacDonald, Theresa Muñoz, Tracey S. Rosenberg, Kristian Smith, StAnza Scotland's Poetry Festival, Shane Strachan, Tidy Carnage, Hannah Van Hove and Morna Young.

The funds are to be used to create new work exploring different aspects of Muriel’s life, travel and residencies linked to places or ideas which were significant to Muriel, or the development of other ideas inspired by Muriel and which emerged from the artistic and creative community in Scotland.

Janice Galloway will create four different shows relating to Muriel Spark's life and work - presenting her voice, her travel and wider experiences - to be performed across Scotland.

StAnza International Poetry Festival, 7-11 March 2018, will celebrate this by taking quotes from the introductions to Spark's 22 reissued titles, asking respected poets to respond and then presenting these works to festival audiences.

PITH & Power is a new exhibition launching at the Saltire Society in Edinburgh on 25 January.

The artist behind the exhibition, Andrew Redmond Barr, believes 2018 should begin with a celebration of Burns’ political messages of freedom, equality and justice.

Barr said: "Burns was a humanitarian poet who wrote against oppression and injustice.

"Pith & Power aims to rediscover the profound meaning behind Burns’ poetry, examine his relationship with power and celebrate his ongoing influence in the Scottish imagination."

The exhibition will consist of a new series of illustrations and will explore the idea of liberty in the personal, national and international context.

It is located at the Saltire Society, 9 Fountain Close, 22 High Street, Edinburgh.

Barr is a writer and illustrator based in Edinburgh.

In 2016 he released his first book, Summer of Independence: Stories from a Nation in the Making was listed in The Scottish Review of Books’ Picks of 2016.