As St Valentine’s Day looms, this week’ s poems deal with the matter of love – not necessarily too seriously!

              JUST DANDY

She dubbed him Desperate Dan Man.

In part to tease,

In  part to ease

Emotional solemnity.


No matter that his bristly chin

Was rough against her skin.

His kisses were just dandy,

The sweetest human candy.


It should be added, by the by,

He showed no penchant

For cow pie.


Sad’s not bad

But ‘woebegone’

Seems better able

As a label

To encapsulate

My you-less state.

Besides, a

Consolation prize

Could then maybe

To exorcise

Your haunting

With brave taunting,

‘Woe, be gone!’


Must this


Want on

For what

She did

Not know

She missed

Until you kissed?