James Meehan's new show Gaz is on at Just the Tonic at The Caves - Just Out of the Box, during August (except 13th).

  • What is your Fringe show about?

The show is about rebuilding myself after leaving an abusive relationship. I had a mental breakdown, decided to quit comedy and pay thousands of pounds I didn’t have to learn to become a barber, instantly decided that was the wrong choice, carried on with comedy but qualified as a barber anyway, was taken to small claims court, didn’t leave the flat for six months, and spent a good couple of years trying to recover my identity and figure out who I am.

I don’t really chat about any of that in the show, but it is sort of a reflection of it all I think? I’m much better now.

  • How many times/many years have you appeared at the Fringe?

I’ve been here every year for the full run since ‘13. In that time I’ve appeared in and written on 10 five star reviewed shows, won the Edinburgh Panel Prize, been nominated for best newcomer and cried four times.

  • What’s your most memorable moment from the Fringe?

I did a gig at 1am in The Counting House in 2014 on an awful free Fringe compilation. I was way too drunk. Three of us went on stage and improvised for ten minutes. Phil Ellis wore his leather jacket inside out and called himself Cuban John, Liam Pickford was trying to find his real dad, and I kept interrupting to tell people to fuck off then dropped my trousers. In my head it is the funniest thing I’ve ever been a part of, but my memory is hazy.

  • What’s the worst thing about the Fringe?

Loft Bar/Abattoir after 11pm. I try not to go there now, if I do it’s with my friends. There are too many people chatting to you but always looking over their shoulder to see if there is a more famous person to harrass.

  • If you were not a performer what would you be doing?

Barber or a Teacher.

  • How do you prepare for a performance?

In Edinburgh I don’t really. I think the first five minutes on stage are the preparation, as that’s when you feel out the room and judge how to pitch your show.

  • Favourite thing about being in Edinburgh?

The food. THE FOOD. There are so many fantastic places to eat. Baguette Stuffed is my day time favourite. Tanjore is my favourite restaurant for an evening meal.

  • What’s the most Scottish thing you’ve ever done?

Really wanted independence from the south.

  • Favourite Scottish food/drink?

See question 7. I do enjoy a visit to Piemaker every now and again too.

  • Sum up your show in three words

I asked my dad to answer this. I said “can you describe me as a comic in 3 words?” He said… “No I can’t” I think that’s pretty accurate

Show summary

A comedy show for hermits. James Meehan is a comedian and ex-member of Gein's Family Giftshop. You might have seen him on the telly in Inside No 9 or Drunk Histories, or heard him on BBC Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack. 

James Meehan's new show Gaz is on at Just the Tonic at The Caves- Just Out of the Box, during August (except 13th). For tickets, please visit www.edfringe.com

You can follow James on Twitter at @JamesMeehan86, find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jamesmeehan86/

You can also visit the official website at www.JamesMeehan.co.uk