Kathryn Joseph

From When I Wake the Want Is

Rock Action

YOU needn’t look hard for the fundamentals of Kathryn Joseph’s world. They’re in plain sight on the lyric sheet of her second long player – love, lust, flesh, blood, family. In short, the stuff of life, the things that define her – and us.

As a colleague noted recently, Joseph is the real deal, and on From When I Wake the Want Is she and her musical partner Marcus Mackay have crafted a suite of songs that speak eloquently and movingly of the complexities of a life lived with spirit, honesty and commitment.

What strikes you first is how Joseph’s early methodology of lilting piano and expressive voice has been deftly embellished by Mackay with seething bursts of synth bass and eerie electronic treatments. The formula works a treat.

The next point of note is consistency. There’s no dip in quality from start to finish, which, along with a sense of the songs being components of a greater whole, is a rarity in the album format.

Besides the five staples mentioned earlier, the river flowing through Joseph’s character and music is equal parts beauty and humanity. Open your heart to From When I Wake the Want Is and let them carry you out to sea.

Sean Guthrie