Johnny English Strikes Again (PG) **

Dir: David Kerr

With: Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson

Runtime: 89 minutes

IN the third of his spy capers, Rowan Atkinson once again puts the “Oh” for “Oh please God, no” in 007 spoofs. A mystery hacker is bringing Blighty to its knees, and with no one else to ask (all the other agents having been exposed), English is called upon to serve his country once more. Atkinson duly serves up a cold dish of Mr Bean-style slapstick and the odd borderline amusing line. The best thing in the picture is Emma Thompson playing an exasperated Prime Minister who finds Mr English about as funny as food poisoning. Join the queue, love.

Columbus (12A)****

Dir: Kogonada

With: John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson

Runtime: 104 minutes

BEST known for his documentaries about directors, South Korea’s Kogonada takes the plunge in his own right with this drama set in the titular Indiana town. It’s the story of Jin and Casey (John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson). He’s visiting his sick father, a famous architect, she works in the library and, unlike Jin, loves architecture. The two meet when Jin bums a cigarette, they get talking about this, that, and eventually what ails them. Gentle, quietly knowing and with lovely performances from the two leads, plus Parker Posey as a friend of Jin’s father, Kogonada has found a new filmmaking home.

GFT till October 11, Filmhouse Edinburgh, October 26-29