It is fair to assume that most artists do not put in a bulk order of black pudding before they headline a festival.

But for Scots lass KT Tunstall, a trip to the butcher was the first thing in mind while making her way to the main stage of HebCelt Festival on Friday night.

The Edinburgh-born singer commanded crowds from the moment she stepped into the lights, clad in fishnet tights, a glimmering skirt and orange eyeshadow that would put any hi-vis jacket to shame.

And while the 44-year-old was not exactly donning a working uniform, she certainly made it her mission to give hundreds of festival goers the time of their lives.

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She played alongside a female band, with Livingstone star Mandy Clarke owning the bass and the drums taken over by legend Cat Myers.

The energy eminating from the stage could have been enough to power the hundreds of phone torches that rose into the air when Tunstall belted out Other Side of The World.

But when the duo left - "to get a beer - it's Scotland, after all" - KT picked up her guitar. It was silent, just for a moment, before the familiar vocals began for her classic Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

With just her voice and guitar to back her, she used a loop pedal at her feet and the strong force of the audience to create a version arguably just as good as the original.

Her band and crew members appeared on stage halfway through - but this time, they dressed to reflect the song's characters. Literally. 

As if the horse masks and tree costumes were not enough, the group decided a mash-up was on the cards, and maintained the beat and backing vocals of her own hit and combined it with The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army.

But the dancing and song combinations were not to be the last of the audience's surprise; the band thereafter began to improvise a tune reflecting Stornoway's famous black pudding.

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And after a stellar harmonica solo, the singer decided it was time to give back to the crowd who had welcomed her so warmly - and began to throw the Scottish treat into the awaiting crowd.

For someone so successful, it is clear that KT Tunstall has not - and will never - forgotten her Scottish roots.

The highland crowd were enthralled with the rocker's commanding stage presence, powerful vocals and rather out-there surprises, and HebCelt 2019 could not have asked for a better headline act.