What's the story?

The doctor will see you now.

Be more specific. Doctor Who? Dr Finlay? Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman?

None of the above.

Dr House? Dr Grey? Dr Doogie Howser?

Not even close. Paging Doctor Punam Krishan.

An introduction, please.

Meet Dr Krishan, a Glasgow GP who is presenting a new three-part series, Laid Bare, which begins on BBC One Scotland this Thursday at 9pm.

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Each week two people are put through a full health MOT, from blood tests and urine analysis to scrutinising their fitness levels and lifestyle challenges, such as poor diet, sugar and caffeine dependency and lack of sleep.

Then what happens?

They are each "laid bare" on a slab, effectively having a living post-mortem, as Dr Krishan reveals the damage that they are doing to themselves – now and in the future. A team of medics rustle up a tailored health plan to help turn things around. They are then re-tested eight weeks later.

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The opening episode centres on a bodybuilder, who looks the picture of health as a tee-total, non-smoker, but has used steroids for the past 15 years. When the test results come back, they reveal terrifying, life-changing news about potential heart issues.

Crikey. That sounds like a telly epiphany.

Indeed. Scots die younger than those living elsewhere in the UK. It's never too late to make a change.