After the Wedding (12A)**

Dir: Bart Freundlich

With: Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup

Runtime: 112 minutes

IF the title of this drama seems familiar it is because the tale was first told by Danish director Susanne Bier in 2006. Bier’s film went on to be nominated for a best foreign film Oscar. Bart Freundlich’s American remake is not likely to be troubling any awards juries any time soon.

Michelle Williams plays Isabel, who runs an orphanage in India. Desperate for cash, she is delighted to receive an offer of millions from a New York entrepreneur Theresa (Julianne Moore). But Isabel has to come to America in person, and once there she is invited to the wedding of Theresa and her artist husband (Billy Crudup). All slightly odd, and about to become even more so as secrets from the past surface. What was subtle and credible in the Danish film comes across here as predictable and unbelievable, a high end soap opera with beautiful people, but a soap nonetheless. If a Fifth Avenue store ever made an afternoon TV movie it might look like this.