Favourite film: Moulin Rouge. It’s got everything - style, comedy, it breaks your heart . . . plus the big medley love mashup is just something extra special.

Favourite piece of music: Madonna’s Like A Prayer. It’s a song I’ve loved since bopping to it at my first school disco, and I still dance to it with the same wild abandon.

Greatest influence: I can be very easily led astray or kept in line by my friends and family.

Worst influence:as above.

The life changing moment: There have been many; - deciding to quit law school and follow the dream of going to drama school; getting drunk at a post show party and telling the artistic director I wanted to write the next panto; moving to Glasgow; joining a youth theatre; choosing to sit up the back of the bus on a youth theatre trip and meeting Michele Gallagher and Jo freer. Moving out the house at 17. Getting my first part-time job at the age of 12.

Advice to your 16 year old self: Be kind to yourself. Don’t worry about failing, it’ll be alright.

Greatest regret: I don’t think I have any. You learn and grow when things go wrong. But maybe it’s not learning to drive when I was younger.

Holiday favourite: I’ve got loads of places I love. So long as the sun is out I’m happy.

Ideal dinner companions: Julie Walters, Dolly Parton, Tennessee Williams, Alan Carr and Bette Davis.

Guilty pleasure: Master Chef, Australia. I don’t know why but it brings me to tears because of how kind and supportive the contestants can be to each other.