Mirror, Mirror by Cara Delevigne and Rowan Coleman

by Orion Publishing Group and is sold at £6.41

What is the book is about?

The book follows a group of teenagers and best friends who were experiencing various troubles in life and could see no hope until they formed their band, ‘Mirror, Mirror.’ Things had started to get a lot better for all of them until the disappearance of Naomi sent everything into a twisted, dramatic mystery that no one else seemed willing to look into properly. It explores themes that are common among teenagers and young people while also working around the less relatable main plot.

Who is it aimed at?

This book could be read by any teenager over the age of around fourteen but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone younger because of language, themes and some of the more general content.

What was your favourite part?

I was interested mainly in the subplots that each main character had going on that were woven in to the story and

how these things affected the dynamic in the group. The tests on the characters and their relationships were handled in a way that kept me interested in not only them as a band, but in each individual character and their problems along the way.

What was your least favourite part?

It was difficult to want to continue reading, even with the dramatic twists of the plot, I still found myself putting Mirror, Mirror down and forgetting about it for a while with a disappointing ease. Something about the writing style felt almost forced and tacky and this made it difficult to really enjoy the fascinating plot and character developments that were going on.

Which character would you most like to meet?

Of the characters involved I think I had the most interest in Red. As the story was from her perspective it was instantly easier to form a connection with the character and want more.

Why should someone buy this book?

Beyond difficulties with writing style, the characters had interesting takes that were enjoyable to read through.