What's the story?

Grandmothers and sex.

Ah. Is this why a certain brand-name lubricant was trending on Twitter the other day?

Err, no. You are getting confused with 80-year-old Iris Jones who appeared on This Morning and shared a no-holds-barred account of her tryst with an Egyptian toy boy.

This is Talking Sex with Gran, a BBC Scotland show airing this Thursday, 11pm, where Scots young and old meet for a frank discussion about sex and relationships.

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Such as?

The alternative meanings of the peach and aubergine emojis, or intimate details of the weirdest places people have had sex.

Hmm. This sounds like a reboot of mid-1990s staple The Girlie Show.

It's far sweeter than that. Like when grandmother of seven, 89-year-old Priscilla, finds a friend in 21-year-old Chloe, and the pair join forces for a well-intentioned idea.

How so?

They want to raise money to buy sex toys for the population of Shetland.

Moving swiftly on. Anything else?

Well, Nicholai, 24, is shocked when 81-year-old Irene tells him the oddest location she …

No spoilers!

Fine. I won't breathe a word.

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What's the overall crux?

How much, yet also how little, things have changed across the generations.