Dir: Stephen Gaghan.

With: Robert Downey Jr, Harry Collett, Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen

Runtime: 101 minutes

Robert Downey Jr talks to creatures great and small but fails to communicate effectively with fellow humans - including us - in a special effects-clogged odyssey inspired by Hugh Lofting’s 1922 book The Voyages Of Doctor Dolittle.

Director Stephen Gaghan searches in vain for animal magic as he shepherds a fitfully fantastical caper from the streets of Victorian London to far flung island locales.

Downey Jr walks the same plank of intentional weirdness as Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow by adopting a strangulated Welsh accent, which varies in thickness from one scene to the next.

A climactic comic set-piece involves Dr Dolittle forcibly unclogging a creature’s swollen bowels.

He inhales a gale-force blast of trapped flatulence as a reward. Regrettably, it’s not the only thing that stinks.