Colour out of Space (15)*

Dir: Richard Stanley

With: Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur

Runtime: 108 minutes

WHAT a fool I am. There I was, part way into this Nicolas Cage-led science fiction mystery and thinking everything might just be okay this time. Sure, the Cagester has been at the centre of some of the most unhinged films ever to make the cinema or go straight to DVD, but I told myself that this could be different. This might be one of his good ones. Like I said, what a fool.

Cage plays society dropout Nathan Gardner, who moved back to the country with his wife (Joely Richardson) and their three children. The rural life has its trials, among them slow broadband, but this is small beer compared to the giant purple bubble that descends from space and bursts over the house, leaving behind a glowing mess. In no time at all everyone and the dog is acting strangely, none more so than daddy dearest. I checked out mentally and spiritually after the scene of Cage milking an alpaca. The alpaca did not look too thrilled either. For Cage completists only. ALISON ROWAT