What’s it called?

Ricky & Tony – Pop Detectives

What’s it about?

It’s about all those pop and rock mysteries that you’ve always wanted somebody to get to the bottom of, all the unanswered questions that make up the lore and legend of the music business. Such as: did Jimi Hendrix really keep a tab of acid in his bandana? Did Jennifer Lopez really insure her bum? And what really caused the spat between Billy Bragg and Manic Street Preachers at Glastonbury, the so-called Battle of the Portaloo? From their office above a charity shop round the corner from New Scotland Yard, our two intrepid pop detectives slip on their deerstalker hats and set about running down some answers.

Who’s in it?

Ricky is Ricky Wilson, frontman man with much-loved Yorkshire five-piece Kaiser Chiefs. Tony is – wait for it – Tony Blackburn, a man who should need no introduction, though if one really is necessary then take your pick between ‘Radio Legend’ and ‘Cheesy 1960s DJ’.

What’s so good about it?

Well not the sleuthing, which is pretty average to be honest. It mostly involves ringing somebody who might know something vaguely connected to the subject at hand. But the banter is worth a listen and the occasionally surreal side streets the amiable pair amble down are entertaining.

Fun fact

When Tony Blackburn had his prostate scraped – don’t ask, and definitely don’t Google – the surgeon doing the operation said it was the largest he had ever seen in Hertfordshire

Where can I find it?

It’s available to download for free from iTunes.